Monday, May 10, 2010

Thyroid gland overgrowth can be serious!

Thyroid gland overgrowth will be visibly indicated by alump in the neck or throat. Often patients and a few doctors neglect small such growth of thyroid gland. But it can be serious. If the growth is a bulging near the vocal code, there is hope that its thyroid gland abnormality. If the growth is not clearly visible or is spreading sideways, its time to realize that you are in risk! It can be cancerous growth.

Thyroid cancer is accounting 1 to 5 % of all thyroid abnormalities. When you doubt that there is something abnormal in or around your neck, its advised that you go to an oncologist or thyroid expert doctor. Never go to your local doctor for an opinion, he may mislead you.

Thyroid hormone levels will be normal in case of thyroid cancer patients, so blood test seldom shows abnormality. Usually FNAC, CT Scan or radio iodine scan can give a clue about the condition. If the doctor don't suggest one, ask for it.

If cancer is detected before the surgery for removal of thyroid gland,you are lucky. You can avoid having partial thyroid removal surgery, taking biopsy to reveal cancer, followed by full thyroidectomy. Instead you can have full thyroidectomy, which can be performed in one single surgery.

The risk of thyroid cancer do not end with total removal of thyroid gland. Thyroid cancer may have spread to other body parts like lungs, bone etc, where tumors will develop & produce thyroid hormones! to kill such unwanted thyroid tumors hidden in our body, radio therapy is required.

After surgery, you will have to take hormone & calcium pills for life time. Though these pills are not costly, being on medicine for life time is the only option.

Cancer treatment has only one ideology - earlier the better.
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