Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Points to consider before you buy a laptop !!

Here is my list of 10 points to consider before you buy a laptop
Points  (ranked on  importance)
  1. Heat !! its very difficult if it gets too hot. Usually bottom will get hot within half an hour(any ordinary laptop) so you  can no more keep that in my lap. Also the position of CPU fan is important as it will constantly give out hot air(very hot) it should be far away from our hands. Also make sure that the trackpad & near by areas are having minimal heat( you will keep your hands here for long) - DELL seems to be cool in this areas
  2. Battery backup... Very imp. usually 4cell or 6 cell batteries are available. my 4 cell battery gives 2.5 hours backup browsing/ watching movie with wifi on. 6 cell means more weight
  3. Processor & Memory - core i3-330M, 4GB Ram, 500 GB HDD (still you want more space). but now i3-350 is regular standard. again, if u can , go 4 i5 series processor - it has turbo boost technology - but is priced more.
  4. USB, eSATA & HDMI ports - these technologies will come handy in the future - when LCD tvs are common.3 or more USB ports will be welcome 
  5. Buy it online. You can save money (same configuration dell laptop from dealer will sure cost you at least 7 K more than you buy online)
  6. DVD Drive - must have one 
  7. Inbuilt Bluetooth - DELL machines usually have one, while Toshiba usually don't.
  8. Its good to have Web cam  - Dell is having 1.3 mp, which is almost ok for video chat (smaller video) but our bandwidth can only support small low quality video 
  9. Sound clarity & loudness.. DELL is satisfying in this. But some others have dolby and so on 
  10. Design - Dell design is glossy, so leaves a lot of fingerprints where ever i touch my laptop. Toshiba , Samsung etc are having matt finish, so there wont be any fingerprint ,marks
Also check what all accessories you need and what you will actually get. DELL online purchase gives no accessories (not even carry case)
Manda, let me know if this was useful..

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Manda, let me know if this was useful..