Friday, March 28, 2008

Piranthan is naked

Hi ...

This should be my first ever post in blog... just a newbie to blogging. My blog should be my diary from today. But dont worry, i hope to include whatever topic comes to my mind... Being a crack, the way i look at things and incidents may be interesting as well as funny to you. If not, i am really sorry.

Few words about me.. Born and brought up in a lower class family ina remote village in kerala. Parents were farmers, income was poor and life was miserable. Luckly i managed to get admission to One of the Navodaya Vidyalaya in kerala, thans a lot to my father for taking that big Decision. I was 11 Yrs when i first slept in a dormitry, away from home, wondering what all is to come in my life in the coming years.

First day at JNV was a blast... This shy little Unda (Fat boy) & his innocence was more than enough to put his classmates to laughter. You may not believe if i say i didnt knew how to write my name in english properly. Used to write with first two letters cap!!! I thought it was looking good, and nobody corrected me.

Blame me, i am full of complex & self pity. Why? I donno.... But I'll change.
വായിചിട്ട് എന്തര് പറയണത് ?

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Anonymous said...

hey unda....looks like you have a lot of complex crammed in your unda are a lot more better than what i thout you were wen i read ur last post....:)